About Actev Motors

About Actev Motors

Silicon Valley-based Actev Motors was formed in 2014 with the mission of transforming the recreational and utility vehicle market. Founded by experienced technology leaders and staffed by car enthusiasts, Actev is leveraging technology found in smartphones and high-end cars to create entirely new capabilities. The company’s first product is the Arrow Smart-Kart -- a fun, safe and affordable go-kart aimed at five to nine year old kids.

Our Culture

High-tech for everyone

From the beginning we wanted take the latest advancements from leading auto manufacturers and apply them to a go-kart for kids. Utilizing this technology we are developing the most advanced, exciting, and safe electric “go-kart” on the market.

Big kids at heart

We’re all big kids at heart, and we love creating products we wish we had as kids. Every day we squeeze into our latest prototypes for a few spins around the office, not just to test, but because they’re a blast to drive!

We take safety seriously

Safety is at the core of how we designed the Arrow Smart-Kart. Every design decision and feature was based on creating the safest product possible for you and your family.

Our Team

We're located in the heart of Silicon Valley

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